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BSEF raises 70,000 dollars by Q2 2019

Budhanilkantha School Endowment Fund raised about $70,000 US dollars by Q2 2019, thanks to generous donations from over 120 Budhanilkantha School alumni and other well-wishers. We would like to thank all of the donors to our cause. Of these funds, $66,500 is now invested in the capital markets in line with our investment strategy.

Funds were raised from 12 cities and through many channels. We raised over $14,400 through Facebook, $30,000 from check deposits, $19,000 from online bank transfers and $6,300 through the donate section in the BSEF website. We also raised funds from 18 batches - 2 from Cohort A, 8 from Cohort B and 8 from Cohort C. We were most successful in raising funds from 300C and 000B batches. Therefore, most funds were raised in Cohort B ($23,715) and Cohort C ($24,618). BSEF’s goal is to have similar success with other batches as well. Corporate matching was a significant element of our fundraising strategy, with $16,518 dollars raised through corporate matching.

We hope to keep going with our fundraising in 2019 and beyond! With all of your help, we can really make a difference in our ultimate goal of enhancing the educational opportunities of Budhanilkantha students by safeguarding the school's financial future.

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